Twitter Updates for 2009-01-08
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  • Enjoying a free martini at Pepcom. So much eye candy here it’s amazing. I need to switch careers into PR apparently. #
  • Realizing that Netshare on the trouser mac is not going to cure my pain of having no internet when I need on VPN. Hmmm…. #
  • Just had to think creatively enough. VPN into work on phone, start Netshare, then laptop gets corp network access! #
  • I think I have fallen in love with a new lens. It’s so awesome. If you own a Canon, definitely try out the Canon 14mm F/2.8L. #
  • Walt Mossberg just got a quick demo at Pepcom of Yahoo! Connected TV. Will be awesome to see his review after the formal demo. #
  • We got so many people around the booth I’m having to field questions too. Wonder if Engadget or PC Magazine will quote me. #
  • @bonforte It’s one of the cheaper lenses I have here at #CES this week. :) #
  • OH: “for a company who’s supposedly doomed, it’s insane the number of people at your booth constantly” .. Said by lady in booth next to us #
  • @thekarladam actual booth at Pepcom (subevent at CES). We have pseudo booth (more like cubes with doors) and meeting rooms/suites at CES. #
  • Yahoo Messenger just hard crashed my Mac on login. The login sound kept looping until I hit the power button. #
  • @tobyjoe This wasn’t random but yeah, I am always a bit on edge over analyzing every word & how it could be misused. I’ve been bitten before #
  • Ok, so I it’s finally public knowledge, but my team’s product is launching on Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, and Toshiba TVs this year! WOOT! #
  • Talk about landing a stranglehold on the market, we pretty much have most of the major TV manufacturers locked in now w/ Yahoo! Connected TV #
  • Taking the exec team on a south hall tour at #ces #
  • Loaded up in the Yahoo! motorcade headed to next tour location. #

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