Twitter Updates for 2009-01-06
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  • @dogballs yeah, good advice! Already took that to heart before you mentioned it. #
  • Day 1 down successfully, six to go. Enjoying a drink at the bar at Wolfgang Puck with my boss and another coworker. #
  • @mgmgrand w/ the money we’re spending in the signature this week (lots of rooms), you’ll have to do better than 2for1 buffet to entice me :) #
  • Hmm… Picked up 3 new followers tonight. @mgmgrand (not a huge surprise), but two TV reporters who are also “relationship experts”? Odd… #
  • Tried to do something the “right way” going through the front door. FAIL! Now I am exploring every single back door channel I can. FTW! #
  • If at first you dont succeed try & try again, right? Well, apparently the VPN servers didnt get the memo. Guess that means I can sleep, yes? #
  • @strebel #
  • Ok, so I’m giving up on working due to VPN issues. I’ll just get up early and do what I was going to do tonight. Hello Kindle, entertain me. #
  • So folks, not sure if I will have time today anyway, but who will have the best liveblog of Phil’s #MWSF keynote today? #

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