Twitter Updates for 2009-01-05
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  • Upper penthouse floor (aka top floor) of the 3rd Tower of MGM Signature FTW! #
  • Holy shitballs. Wait till you guys see this photo. Talk about up close and personal. #
  • Compare and contrast these: … Same camera and taken from same spot. #
  • Anybody think they can identify all the lenses in this photo? Yeah, I pack light when I travel. ;) #
  • Skull splitting headache is slowly subsiding into a slightly less painful one. Not a great way to start the week, especially one this busy. #
  • Find it annoying it’s 2009 and I still have to resort to tunneling my traffic outside the US to get access to music/video/TV/whatever online #
  • Really getting sick of being the bitch boy doing other people’s work (multiple offenders) while they be lazy or just do things half assed. #
  • Watching and photographing all the construction going on at #CES #

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