Twitter Updates for 2009-01-04
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  • Literally running on the vapors right now. Been in the office since 10am yesterday except for a quick trip to San Mateo an hour ago. #
  • Anybody have experience taking super telephoto lenses through an airport? Is the Canon hard case really secure enough for TSA not to damage? #
  • @seancoates I’ve had as bas experiences as Terry doing it both ways (check/carried). I should have shipped it with the studio gear I think. #
  • Me back in September 2008. I was a tight 34-35″ waist back then, now comfortably fit in 33-34″ jeans. #
  • I’ve not slept even 1 minute in the past 36 hours and yet I’m not tired at all anymore (unlike this afternoon). You confuse me body. #
  • @Arlo Especially on a 17″ laptop. They naturally drain more power and would thus benefit from removable power all that much more. #
  • @jstanden You do realize you could use Git as a front end to the SVN repos you access, right? GitX rules too! #
  • Not sure why, but for some reason I am shocked Amazon only shipped 72.9 items per second during the holidays. Would have thought more. #
  • Bags all packed for Vegas. Damn I’m taking too much. :( #
  • @pennjillette Hoping like hell I have time this week to catch one of your shows in Vegas. Haven’t seen a live act in far too long. #
  • Noticed an interesting trend on my Twitter account. Most of the non-friends I follow, don’t follow me and vice versa for my followers. #
  • Annoyed I was breaking my perfect 3 week streak daily on the Wii fit & almost decided to bring to Vegas. Then I came to my senses thankfully #
  • Now this will just might prove to be insanely useful this week. … Simple UI, yet extremely effective and efficient. #
  • @iTod If you find someone making this look good, let me know. This would be even more insanely useful inside Fluid w/ a good skin on it. #
  • @planetMitch It’s an AIR app though. While I prefer an AIR app over Java for cross platform, I’m still a bit of a “must be native OSX” snob. #
  • Waiting for a coworker to come take me to airport. Must deal with two of my least favorite airports today, San Jose (SJC) and McCarren (LAS) #
  • 1st pleasurable TSA extra screening. I think the guy pulled me aside at the security checkpoint so he could pepper me with photog questions. #
  • Little known US Airway travel tip: With a $50 upgrade to 1st class you avoid fees for excess luggage. I checked 3 bags weighing 170lbs total #
  • @planetMitch I’ll take a well written AIR app over a web app anyday though. Just saying I’d rather have an OSX native app. #
  • @spullara sweet! Looked interesting enough in iSafari3G that I’m now pulling out the Air to take a closer look. #
  • Holy crap! Talk about vertigo looking over the railing of my hotel balcony. 38 floors is a long way down. #

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