Twitter Updates for 2009-01-03
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  • What is it about hardcore Unix sysadmin type guys that you can instantly recognize them from a distance with virtually zero exceptions? #
  • Here’s a phrase I never thought someone would (not jokingly) say to me: “You need to be more of a geek” .. I’m so ashamed. Thx! @jstanden #
  • Compare 2yrs ago: and now: WOOT! #
  • I hate you Javascript. isNaN(null) == false? Seriously? Seriously? WTF!? What makes null a “number”? null is null, not anything else. Bahh! #
  • @meekthegeek Those are awesome. Wish I could see them in full size or comment on them. :) #
  • @mdhughes I realized that right before I hit enter on the tweet, but I thought it was funny so I sent it anyway. #
  • @mdhughes This of course does what I want isNaN(parseInt(null)) == true #
  • @mdhughes In this case, it’ll always be a valid number or a null. I was just being overly cautious. Thanks for the tip! Added “just in case” #
  • iTunes genius playlist just rickrolled me for no apparent reason. :( How is Linkin Park, Static-X, Nickelback, DMB, & Korn like Rick Astley? #
  • I hope nobody is in the office right now. I cant listen to this U2 song without singing. My body just won’t resist the urge to crack windows #

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