Twitter Updates for 2009-01-02
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  • @Arlo @someToast Being font geeks, thought you 2 might be interested. “’s annual sale is on. Every font just $20.09 today” #
  • Ended 2008 with 7 domestic round-trip flights and 4 international trips. Not bad, but 2009 can be better. Going to hit UA 1k status somehow. #
  • @thekarladam Fat chance of that happening. I think it’s still the best supported browser sadly, but I might be wrong. #
  • Got all my lenses lined up I am taking to CES. If I don’t have the right lens for the shot, then something is seriously wrong or I am FAIL. #
  • I totaled the MSRP of the lenses and I think I’ll keep the sum to myself, especially since over half of them are borrowed. Slightly nervous! #
  • Excepting 15/16mm, I’ll have the entire range between 14mm and 560mm covered at F/4 or faster, 800mm @ F/5.6, and 1120mm @ F/8 #
  • @davglass I’m in on helping if there is something I can do. Find his weakness & we can leverage it. Everybody has a soft spot for something #
  • @bbum I just happen to have all the ingredients for that (in abundant supply). Thanks for the idea, think I just might have to try one. :) #
  • @bbum which vodka would you suggest? I’ve got Stoli, Stoli Vanilla, Ketel One, Absolute, Grey Goose, and Vox #
  • @bbum Decided to go with the Stoli Vanilla (gotta be a Russian vodka to be a Russian Quaalude after all). This is amazingly delicious. #
  • Russian Quaalude (slightly adapted): 1oz Stoli Vanila, 1oz Irish Creme, 1oz Kaluah, 1oz Frangelico, 4oz heavy creme mixed over ice. #
  • @bbum It’s a bit too sweet to drink more than one, but yeah, it totally masks the alcohol well. And Stoli Vanilla is a killer combo I think. #
  • Challenging myself to create a new cocktail around Kajmir. Gotta be something completely original. Might be more difficult than I think. #
  • Wow, so first try I knocked it out of the park. 1.5oz Kajmir, 1.5oz Forbidden Fruit, .75oz Blackberry Liquor, 5oz Rose’s Mango Twist mix #
  • Not sure if it makes any difference, but the Forbidden Fruit & the Hiram Walker Blackberry Liquor are 23.5 yrs old at minimum (likely more) #
  • They are 23.5 years old at least because they have US & CA tax stamps on the bottles and the tax stamps were repealed on July 1st, 1985. #
  • Twitter is funny these days. I tweet about Grey’s Anatomy and @ABCGreysAnatomy follows me. I tweet about vodka, here comes @greygoosevodka #
  • If applications in the future will be exclusively “on the web”, can I humbly request a way to be frozen in time? I for one don’t welcome it! #
  • The difference between US and foreign automakers right now: (foreign) vs. (US) Thx, @jake_brewer #
  • @bbum With a bar like mine (40+ types of liquor, 5 diff Sakes, lots of beer & 12+ wines) u would think that I was a big drinker. I’m not tho #
  • @bbum EXACTLY! And you have to have a large stock of alcohol to make even a small variety of quality cocktails. People don’t think of that. #
  • @thekarladam “actually working right” never seemed to be a criteria that was applied to Apple products before buying previously, why now? #
  • @thekarladam Must I make a list? Apple’s always had “minor issues” with new stuff, but the good always overpowered the minor bad things. #
  • I wish I knew who kept calling my house all the damn time. Cordless phone will ring, but battery dies the second you try to answer. #
  • Need new brakepads now and front bumper scraped the ground from the hard braking, but accident with [bleep] [bleep] narrowly avoided on 237. #

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