Twitter Updates for 2009-01-01
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  • Anybody know where the best place to photograph the fireworks will be tonight? Was thinking Treasure Island maybe, but probably too crowded. #
  • So mentally drained after finally resolving this nasty bug I’m not sure I can be sociable tonight without an excessive amount of alcohol. #
  • Reading this just reaffirms my belief that Microsoft engineers “Just don’t get it” ™ #
  • Heading home to grab my camera and change clothes. Intentionally not making any plans on where I’m headed, gonna let the car decide itself. #
  • @djlemur If you can get off the train and want a ride, DM me. I’m happy to give a lift if needed. #
  • Wondering how many drunk crazies there will be out on the road tonight. One wrinkle in my “drive with no destination” plan. :| #
  • Funny/snarky photography “FAQ” (via @ahpook) #
  • Nice New Years surprise. Just put on a pair of pants I bought sometime in 1997/98 and they fit! Freaking amazing. #
  • WOW! Utterly amazing: and … I wish I had booms like those! #
  • Yawn! … Umm… Happy New Year everyone! #
  • Got a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. Got bread, got butter, no damn cheese. I’ve got milk however.. hmm. Can’t be that hard, right? #
  • Everyone did go 3… 2… 1… 0 (or 1 again)… Happy New Years! right? right? What self respecting geek would forget the leap second? #
  • OH: “not sure anything can suck harder than nagios… it could seriously suck a yugo through a coffee straw” #
  • My New Years Resolutions: Work less, read more, listen more, learn more, get more fit, take bigger risks, be more impulsive/spontaneous. #
  • I have specific action items for each of my new year’s resolutions, but that is the high level goals I’ve set out for myself. #
  • I want GitX to have my babies. It’s that awesome. Use git and not using GitX? Seriously do yourself a favor and head over to #
  • Oh, and if you agree on GitX’s awesomeness, why not kick some back to the developer too? We all gotta eat. #
  • sleep and I have such a love/hate relationship… I can’t help but think how much more I could do in life if I didn’t _have_ to sleep. #
  • @soldierant I’ve had decent luck with AMZN CS. Frustratingly slow to do things sometimes, but they generally “do the right thing” in the end #
  • @pdebie it’s well deserved. Tossed between donating and submitting patches, decided on doing both as time permits. Keep up the awesome work! #
  • @slicknet quickest way to annoy me is to call. IM/DM/Email I can multitask well. F2F or phone pretty much require my undivided attention. #
  • Was really hoping to sleep all day so I could flip my schedule. Family member blowing up my phone to wish me a happy NY ruined that idea. #
  • Where do I submit my app for the 2009 Darwin Awards? Been awake an hour and already electrocuted, stabbed, and burned myself by accident. #
  • @chartier has Apple ever done even one web app successfully? Doesn’t the rumor mill think that should be a prereq 1st? MobileMe still FAIL! #
  • Wii Fit just said my fitness age was 2 years under what it really is. Great way to start off 2009! Woot! #
  • #amazon scared me. Looking at a lens and it said “u purchased in 12/2007″. I’m like WTF!? No I didn’t. Then realized I’d bought for someone #
  • @bitwiseplatypus I think I would put “morse code on the water pipes” or “mental telepathy” in between smoke signals and the phone. #
  • @chartier I guess we have different definitions of “good performance”. Being on par with Yahoo! Mail / Gmail != to working well IMHO. #
  • @chartier Click on MobileMe Calendar, 5s load time. Click back on email, 3s load. Click back on Calendar, 5s load time again. Seriously!? #
  • @tysoncrosbie What’s the value in favoriting a tweet? Not disputing your claim, just can’t think of any value in doing it so thought I’d ask #
  • Looking through my address book, I see I have nobody with a last name beginning with an I or an X. I can understand X, but I? Seriously? #
  • @brentsimmons Huge congrats! I lost ~25 in ‘08, but dropped nearly 3 pant sizes so I’m happy. Lost a little over 30lbs & 2 pant sizes in ‘07 #
  • @tysoncrosbie Decent amount of favs, but only one each. Apparently I need to try harder. Adding to NY resolutions. #

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