Twitter Updates for 2008-12-31
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  • RT: @wilshipley I hope when the ball drops in NYC they are all “3! 2! 1! 1!” Something tells me that not a single non-geek would understand #
  • I knew there was a reason I kept that Windows XP VM. Amazon Unbox + XP on VMware + DVI->HDMI cable + Big TV = Real Genius while I work FTW! #
  • @ohadpr It’s eating up 180% CPU usage, but even with PS CS3, Eclipse, Safari, Adium, and others running I’m rarely spiking over 250% overall #
  • @kevindente totally agree! Besides, isn’t there already a law which covers all of those and more? Ever heard of “inattentive driving”? #
  • Went to bed early (12a), check. Woke up early (8a), check. Out of bed at a reasonable time, …. Damn you MacBook Air. Such a bad influence! #

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