Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30
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  • @basictheory which airport? I can give you a ride if you need. #
  • @crazybob Careful with the 1.5tb Seagates. Ive had two bad ones and many friends with similar experiences. There’s a firmware update now tho #
  • Trying to decide what I want to do for New Years this year. I’ve got several offers, but nothing I can’t turn down. Holding out for better. #
  • Seagate continues to be EPIC FAIL! Phone support, closes at 4pm PST. WTF!? Online support: “This site has been disabled for the time being.” #
  • @crazybob Thankfully didn’t have a data loss issue with them, just made the Drobo go nuts and rebuild itself when it freezed up twice. #
  • Find it funny I often have trouble connecting to my Macs on my local network, but yet works perfectly every time from remote. Craziness. #
  • Desperately tryin to wait patiently for 20 more mins until dinner arrives. Taking all my willpower to stay away from the candy/snack cabinet #
  • Is it possible to vaporize a meal using only your eyeballs? It must be, because no way could I inhale dinner as fast as I just did otherwise #
  • OH: “Anything is possible when your brain creates observable reality :) ” … I love my friends. #
  • Little behind the times, but just heard about Valleywag’s demise. Prediction: Bay Area tech companies see a 20% productivity jump in Q1 2009 #
  • Rackable has had a DC powered rackmount which would hold 2 servers per 1U for over 2 years now. What’s supposedly so new? #
  • I used to help maintain a couple hundred of them when I was on another team. Sadly, they definitely have more than their share of ops issues #
  • Wow… I’ve actually won more than I lost? WTF!? #
  • @tswicegood Finished your book this weekend. LOVED all of it except Chapter 7. It’s abysmal in comparison to the others. It an afterthought? #
  • @strebel something tells me the people in your timeline will always be in the top people list on unless you change the default. #
  • @strebel I’m baffled how I have more wins than losses. Would be interesting to see all who you won/lost against. #
  • @strebel Was also rather shocking to visit the site the 1st time and see my face in the recent winners list. Interesting attention grabber. #
  • When software updates fail. A lesson in user friendliness Skitch needs to learn. #
  • @janeylicious Figures you would come to town the day I leave town. #
  • @janeylicious Come to CES in Vegas afterwards then. I’ll be there Monday – Sunday. It’s a “conference” right (stretching a bit)? :P #
  • Ok, Skitch has been relegated to the Trash can and replaced with Little Snapper. Thanks to @jstanden for the tip to check it out. #
  • @strebel Probably pretty close to a draw, but I would lean towards REPLACE INTO being slightly faster (not empirically tested that though). #
  • @strebel Thinking more about it, REPLACE INTO would likely only be faster with fixed length table rows (something I strive for w/ mysql). #
  • @poplifegirl When do you get into Vegas? We should do dinner if possible! #
  • @poplifegirl CES related “must see”? My team’s stuff! :) Non CES related: Wanna go with me? :D #
  • @mdhughes How much of that book is still relevant? A lot’s changed in OS X programming land since 2004. #
  • I have at most 5-10 @ replies per week usually. In the past 30 hours I have had 19 from 12 unique people. FTW! Wonder what’s changed? #
  • @chartier Good tip. Facebook in Adium wasn’t much value, but after learning that “feature” a month ago I instantly stopped using it. FAIL! #
  • Off to the airport again for something like the 10th time in the past 30 days. Not going anywhere this time though (well, not planning too) #
  • I think all Californians should get in their cars on January 1st, drive somewhere, and tweet while doing it. #
  • Civil disobedience against a very poorly written law. #
  • Not to drone on, but can someone tell me what’s so much more dangerous about texting while driving than say typing a todo in a notepad app? #
  • Aren’t they pretty much equally as dangerous, subsequently shouldn’t the law be written to ban both? Are IL lawmakers that much more smart? #
  • @mager good luck with that. Something tells me you won’t make it that long. #
  • @fraserspeirs If only you knew some of the stories I’ve heard from employees there, you’d probably think twice about flying. ;) #
  • Al, your my favorite actor of all time and all, but I’m not sure even you could save 88 Minutes. Maybe I need to watch again or something. #
  • Is there any iPhone Jabber apps which talk directly to the service without their own man in the middle “we promise not to abuse you” server? #
  • @lxt :) I’m supportive of “common sense” laws like “paying attention while driving”, just the CA law is poorly wrote and misses the point. #
  • @mager thought no interwebs for seven days? Looks more like ~7 hours to me. :P #
  • @kevindente 1) cut the cable and put on new ends or 2) go buy the tool from frys or 3) thin pair of needlenoses and a pair of dykes works #
  • @rckenned @slicehost’s DNS management is pretty basic, but has been very stable for me and has an API. I want to build a better FE for it. #
  • @rentzsch what don’t you like about Git? What DVCS/VCS do you like? #
  • I really don’t understand Wii Fit. I get 4 star scores in Yoga/Balance then I do a fitness test and am asked “do you trip when you walk?” #
  • @tswicegood The book went to great length to give quality examples throughout. Except Ch. 7 that is. Sadly, it was an important topic to me #
  • @tswicegood Got any future books I need to buy? :) Happy to see a fellow Kansan (well, I’m formerly one technically) doing great work. #
  • @thekarladam I’ll tell you same thing I was told “you’re doing it wrong”. Apparently Twitter has no past, only future. I didn’t get the memo #
  • Worst environmental thing I did recently? Bought a new 10″ rainfall shower head. Can’t seem to get out of the shower in under 20 mins now. #
  • It’s literally like standing in a heavy downpour of warm rain. I highly recommend buying it for yourself. Or don’t, and save the water 4 me! #

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