Twitter Updates for 2008-12-29
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  • Just realized I rented a movie from iTunes before going to Korea and never watched. Now it’s too late and $3.99 wasted. BOO! iTunes FAIL! #
  • One would think for as many times as I have preached in the past about dull knives taking fingers in a kitchen, I would head my own advice. #
  • @pixelarchitect Pretty much either would work. FAIL for 30 day iTunes rental limit. My lack of attention to non-work related things, FTW. #
  • @omnivector Good luck with the internet connection there. ;) I’m sure you would go insane pretty quick there for that reason alone. #
  • @spullara Good luck to the officer to prove you were “texting” and not “viewing maps” or “watching a Youtube video”. Ridiculous. #
  • @clint now that’s a sane implementation of the law. You’d never see that kind of intelligence from California law makers sadly. #
  • Am I into cooking lately or what? 4th night in row cooking something awesome. Tonight’s is another family classic #
  • BAH! Put in a DVD to watch with dinner & it won’t play. Befuddled I try the bedroom player. Both FAIL. Turns out the disc is not Region 1 :( #
  • @awormus Living Room: Sony DVD-CX985V — Bedroom: Samsung DVD-1080p8 … Guess I should look into hacking mine too. #
  • After wasting 2 hours, it seems neither of my DVD players can be region hacked. #
  • Really wish I could give the movie studios a token of appreciation for their efforts in blocking me from watching stuff I LEGALLY purchased. #
  • Half tempted to buy this just so I can mock it. #
  • @GlennF @Clint You guys are hitting on a topic I know a lot about. Ping me if you want to have a chat about it sometime. #
  • @siracusa @clint There is one issue you guys are missing, GSM data is a major battery drain. You would have to fix that issue first. #
  • @glennf you don’t follow me, so can’t DM. an email addy you can use is your twitter username @ my twitter username dot com. #
  • @SaraMG You should come over to Connected Life. :) There are probably a dozen or two at least people working on D5 today. No slackers here. #
  • Took me two hours, but now all my photography gear being pre-shipped for CES is now inventoried and packed. Glad that’s done and out of mind #

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