Twitter Updates for 2008-12-28
Category: Twitter

  • Time to go do a little light shopping before places start closing, then back to cleaning. Strangely satisfying day so far. #
  • @jhstrauss Your going to Galapagos and didn’t invite me? WTF!? It’s near the top of my “must scuba dive there before I die” list. #
  • @bobmoz I lived in that city for 20+ years. That weather isn’t “broken”, that’s “normal”. Crazy weather patterns there that defy all logic. #
  • @Arlo Guess your not doing a lot of video/live view. That seems to kick the batteries pretty hard. I’ve charged them on mine like 3x or so. #
  • Just finished eating a BLT and crinkle fries. Anything with Bacon has to be good, but man that BLT was amazing. #
  • Trying my damnedest to stay away from right now. @crazybob is seriously testing my willpower today it seems. #

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