Twitter Updates for 2008-12-24
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  • @thekarladam Simplicity and functionality can be their own prettiness sometimes. seems to hit the those two quite well. #
  • @rickymontalvo You read the whole email? By the second paragraph it sounded identical to every other I’ve mistakenly wasted time reading. #
  • First she gets an iPhone a year ago, now my mom joins Facebook. You know something has become mainstream when your parents join in too. #
  • Gonna call it a day early I think today. Going home to curl up with my new book (Pragmatic Version Control Using Git) & rest up for tomorrow #
  • My circadian rythm is all kinds of screwed apparently. It’s 4am and I’m wide awake as if I slept a lot, but in reality have <5 hrs sleep #
  • @tarasis I’m a couple chapters into the Git book so far and it’s a pretty good read. I’d recommend it, especially if cheap/free with coupon. #
  • @ejacqui dear lord, lemme guess, your going there on Clint’s behalf? No other earthly reason to go there but visit family. #
  • @ejacqui different strokes for different folks. That said, I was there 2 wks ago and it wasn’t too bad. Growing up there biases me probably. #
  • Merry Christmas to all in Asia and the Pacific east of the date line. ? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??! #
  • Bahh! Typed one single character wrong in my iPhone and it ruined the whole message. Corrected: ? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??! #
  • Amazes me how in some languages 1 letter can often change the entire meaning of a phrase. Change one “o” to an “eu” and whole phrase is junk #
  • Holiday season annoyance #1 I think? That every company I have ever bought from in my life spams me multiple times during the Holidays. #
  • Why didn’t I know about this while I was in Korea? This is SO INSANELY USEFUL! Major hat tip to Yahoo! KR!! #
  • @SaraMG If memory serves, @a has family living in Nebraska. I know he lived there for a while at least years back. #
  • @jhstrauss Congrats! I’d love to hear your impressions of it once you’ve taken her for a spin. #
  • @bonforte What do you expect using USB? That’s like buying a Porsche and only driving it in reverse and wondering why it’s slow. #
  • @tara The bars there can be a lot of fun too. Take Carlos n’ Charlies for example. That place used to be crazy insane back in the late 90’s. #

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