Twitter Updates for 2008-12-22
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  • OH: “@2drinksbehind: Holy fucking shit I was just in a plane crash!” — @jstanden: that’s our world with Twitter ;) #
  • Decided to finally break down and switch to Lightroom from Aperture. Converting to DNG on import so my computer is unusable now. SOO SLOOW! #
  • I should’ve known with my team, going into the office on a Sunday wouldn’t be “time to work without anyone around”. Workaholics all of us! #
  • Pleased to find that the 5D (not Mark II) RAWs convert to DNG significantly faster than the RAWs taken with a 1Ds Mark III and/or 5D Mark II #
  • OH: “[rewording it that way] kind of murders the joke in the street and then pisses on it” #
  • I dunno what it is about X.3 releases, but they seem to kick the most ass in the PHP world. Curious what 6.3 will bring us around 2012 or so #
  • Hmmm… Just checked my mail and had a gift with no return address and the card only said “Love you!”. Assume from family, but not positive. #
  • My upper body is sore& the inside of my ear hurts for some reason this morning. Did I jump in the boxing ring w/ Tyson in my dreams or what? #
  • Found the version of Little Drummer Boy I used to love as a kid on iTunes. Surprised as I had no clue who sang it, but this version rocks! #

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