Twitter Updates for 2008-12-20
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  • Just kicked back a shot of some surprisingly damn smooth tequila. About as smooth as Petron with a bit more flavor & kick. Very good stuff! #
  • First weekend in California in a month. Surprisingly happy about that. Let’s see what kind of mischief I can cause. #
  • Finally… Everyone has left the office, stocked on drinks and snacks, lights go off in 7 minutes, time for a hack-a-thon I think. #
  • I just picked up a killer domain name considering what team I am on. Wonder if I will get to keep it despite I’m trademark infringing. :( #
  • Didn’t realize .TV domains took so dang long to get added to the root servers for the first time. Welcome to 1999 I guess. Verisign == FAIL! #
  • Feeling oddly nostalgic for some reason. Reliving old businesses and their websites via Sadly, the best stuff is gone for good. #
  • Going over my list of domains, I kinda feel bad for anyone else named Jeremy Johnstone. I own JeremyJohnstone.* in 18 TLD/ccTLDs it seems. #
  • Applescript is the bastard stepchild of all that is Apple gloriousness. I kinda hope I never meet the inventor, I’m afraid of what I’d say. #
  • @janeylicious I have only one word for you, Comcast. That’s how much worse it could get for you. #
  • The power of a Canon .CR2 RAW file from a 5D Mark II when combined with Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 — #

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