Twitter Updates for 2008-12-19
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  • @ryankuder Very thankful of that too! My sympathies to those not so fortunate, just glad to see many sticking together in the aftermath. #
  • To anyone who thought my laughing @ the PurplePeopleCollective was done in a negative light, my apologies. That was a good intentioned laugh #
  • Just realized my press pass will be useless to MacWorld as I will be in Vegas that week at CES. Somehow didn’t realize the dates overlapped. #
  • @rasmus I’d trade ya for that schedule. Several of your stops are on my “must visit” travel list. #
  • Call me a sap all you want, but man getting handwritten heartfelt Christmas cards from friends makes me feel all giddy and full of smiles. #
  • @Arlo has both in stock currently, but their price is higher than retail. Adorama has the grip in stock. B&H is sold out on both. #
  • The purging of spammy people apparently just got to me and I’m now at 244 followers. I rather enjoyed having finally broken the 300 mark. :( #
  • Normal work stuff done, now heading home to try out my new WFT-E4. Should be an interesting/fun evening if the thing works well. #
  • In a typical week, I do a ton of geeky things. Gotta say, running a webserver+wifi on a dSLR is pretty high up there! #
  • Interesting idea… #
  • @koblas Yeah, I wasn’t particularly a fan of the idea either. Just found it an interesting change from the typical YHOO merger speculation. #

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