Twitter Updates for 2008-12-18
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  • Wii fits will be in stock in 7 minutes (5:45pm PST) on If anyone wants one, you better be quick #
  • So let me get this right, unless you have a new Mac laptop, the new Apple 24″ monitors are useless? WTF!? No adapter for DVI input? #
  • I’ve lost five pounds in the past 48 hours since getting back to NorCal. It’s official, going home to visit family is bad for my waistline. #
  • Between Korean trip DVDs, Kansas trip DVDs, and iTunes, I’ve bought over 60 new movies in the past 3 weeks. Now to decide what to watch. :( #
  • @chwenz Have you spent more than approximately $17,164.53 in the past 365 days with #amazon? #
  • Multiline regexps are the bane of my existence. No matter how many times I have done one, each time I do one again I fight to make it work. #
  • It ain’t Christmas until Filo comes around and delivers the annual Christmas gift, so now that that’s done, time for New Years festivities! #
  • @thekarladam I think they are bringing around the lumps of coal next week for all the slackers like you. :P </duck> #
  • Just picked up another 16gb CF card in prep for CES. Considering each holds less than 500 photos OR 2hrs video, I think I still need more :( #
  • @rckenned It’s a $50 gift to charity of your choice like 2 years ago. #
  • @Arlo Nananana! Hehe! Peer pressure is such a bitch isn’t it. :) Glad to see another person jumping on the 5D Mk II bandwagon. #
  • I keep flip flopping between 298 and 299 followers for the past couple days. Is that real or is Twitter’s count just acting up? #
  • Laughing @ Glad to see the purple blood doesn’t quickly drain out and people continue to help each other. #

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