Twitter Updates for 2008-12-17
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  • I’ve had multiple people tell me I look really nice today. Maybe I should buy clothes in Korea and dress Korean male style more often. #
  • Hmm… Guess I need to learn how to say this phrase it seems. ??? ??? ??? #
  • Jack Daniels and Chocolate… not the best pairing. Now Cranberry Vodka inside Chocolate, now that is super yummy. (candy alcohol bottles) #
  • A UPS package of mine arrived into Oakland a day early. Wonder if they will deliver tomorrow or be dicks and sit on it till Thursday? #
  • RT (now that is applies to me too) @ronbailey: “299 followers. Who does a guy have to sleep with around here to hit 300?” #
  • Just realized I can’t remember the last time I saw a Fail Whale. Congrats Twitter! #
  • Typical. Lazy UPS is sitting on the package even though it’s in the area just because it’s not scheduled for delivery until tomorrow. FAIL! #
  • Amazon loves me! As a gift for ordering so much this week they sent me an extra Wii fit at no charge (apparently). #

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