Twitter Updates for 2008-12-14
Category: Twitter

  • @fastest963 You realize that even at 400 reqs/second (which I would argue would be abusive level) it will take 30 days to crawl Twitter? #
  • @fastest963 I would love to have a copy of the DB afterwards. I’m more than happy to help with server resources if you need any. DM me! #
  • Me and my mom at Botanica Gardens walking through the Christmas lights: #
  • Fixing to go hit the gym with my folks. Been a couple days since I got a good run in so I’m overdue. #
  • I don’t know why everyone always footnotes MacBook Air’s with a comment about their performance. PS-CS4 and LR2 run “reasonably” fast enough #
  • Drinking, check. Watching football waiting on dinner, check. Huge amount of gifts, check. Yep, authentic family Christmas despite earliness. #
  • @fraserspeirs Rarely I remember to do that. Had one of my cards blocked in Korea last week because I forgot, but easily handled via phone. #

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