Twitter Updates for 2008-12-12
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  • OH: “The problem with wiping someone’s ass for them is you are very libel to get shit on your hands” — one of @keville’s pearls of wisdom #
  • Holy crap! The people ahead of me at the drive through ordered $77.62 in food. #
  • OH: “If programming is like sex then I’m friggen Ron Jeremy” #
  • Ahh man! “Your SMS mailbox is full. New messages cannot be received until you delete some messages.” — Guess 54,867 unread is too many? #
  • It would seem I’ve been waitlisted for my 1st class upgrade for tomorrow morning. Damn 1kers and your ability to trump my upgrades. :( #
  • Misestimated traffic. They’re slow, but well spaced ready for slicing & dicing. I’m now at the bar in SFO enjoying a pre-flight Bloody Mary #
  • Bahh! 1ker got the only open seat in 1st class. So lame. Stuck in cattle class to Denver I guess (aka Economy plus). #
  • I’ve spent more time on airplanes this week than I did in the office in Sunnyvale (not more than Korean office time yet though but almost) #
  • @mdhughes if somebody actually uses one for a day and doesn’t think it’s nothing short of awesomeness they are pretty much clueless, IMHO. #
  • Anybody know where one can find Canon LP-E6 batteries for normal price (aka ~$90)? Everywhere I’ve looked they are sold out. #
  • Ok, I used to love you tweetie. Type out a long tweet, answer a call, then loose that entire tweet. FAIL! #
  • @mdhughes I take mine everywhere now, even when I know I won’t need a laptop. Netbooks might be smaller, but so inferior by comparison, IMHO #
  • Seriously? I can has 3G here even? So how come my house sucks so bad AT&T and yet here in BFE your great? #
  • @lukewelling Umm.. I’m referring to “a message posted on twitter” which is commonly referred to as a “tweet”. Which definition did you mean? #
  • @leolaporte How do you like it’s focusing compared to the original 5D? So far it seems to be the only achilles heal I’ve found with it. #

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