Twitter Updates for 2008-12-11
Category: Twitter

  • Finally settles on a Twitter ID for my translation service, @babels. Not ideal, but it works. Probably start it while on vacay this weekend #
  • Anybody know a cheap mileage run between now & end of the year to pickup 10k miles on United? Stretch, but shooting for 1k status this year #
  • Wonder how YHOO will do today on the market. Yesterday was a very pleasing day in that regard at least. #
  • Wordpress 2.7 looks super sexy in UI, but something tells me the PHP code is still as god awful as ever. I so wish they would address that. #
  • Just realized I personally own four Macs now, so that plus work machines puts me over the 5 computer limit on iTunes. :( #
  • So awesome being back at 5760×1200 resolution. Felt so insanely cramped the past two weeks being limited to 1440×900. Yeah productivity! #

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