Twitter Updates for 2008-12-09
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  • At [redacted] they don’t need stinking helipads for their corporate choppers, they just land them in the middle of the basketball court. #
  • That helicopter pilot had some ballz. It’s a wonder he didn’t clip the blades on one of the hoops. Needless to say, major precision flying #
  • Food on TV is making me very hungry. I wish the cafeteria food at [redacted] was as good tasting / looking as the Korean food on TV. #
  • @jrconlin bulk TF minutes are so cheap it’s hardly worth your time. Even if you sat on the phone for 2 hours you would barely break a dollar #
  • Very excited and very depressed I am going to be going home tomorrow. Why do I always end up in such conflicted states? :( :( #
  • I think I could swim to the US, grab copy of the code, swim back to Korea, type in the code, and still get it faster than I am right now. #
  • @bonforte You might want to consider returning that drive. I’ve returned both of mine. Data Robotics decertified them for Drobo usage too. #
  • @koblas Actual hard work (but shorter hours than usual, only about 60/week). I can’t give details publicly though. #
  • OMG! I just took a hand written note written to my in Korean and typed it into Google translate using the Intl keyboard on a Mac. WOW! #
  • I know the letters formed the right words, but sadly google doesn’t translate it for crap… trying other translators now. #
  • ? ? ? anybody give me a better translation of that than Google / Babelfish? I think I got the characters right this time, but not sure. #
  • Why is it the night before an intl flight I rarely can sleep? Its a long flight so plenty of sleep time, but gotta make it to the flight 1st #
  • Beginning to appreciate the beauty of typing in Korean. Which would you rather type, rnrwpghk or internationalization? 8 vs. 20 … hmm. #
  • Even basic words like house/home are shorter, aka wlq (keystrokes) or ? (Hangul character) This is fun! Should have been learning a week ago #
  • @bonforte It doesn’t loose data in my experience. It just freezes every once in a while causing my Drobo to freak out and rebuild raid array #
  • @bonforte I am using a mix of brand and models, felt that was safest. Seagate 1tb, WD Black 1tb, Maxtor 1tb and I think Hitachi 1tb. #
  • Thanks Facebook weirdly targeted ads but I don’t care if @mager is a fan of Coors Light, I still think it’s nasty thank you very much. :P #
  • @basictheory I’ve got a really good Javascript one so it should be fairly easy to port if the AS3 one you got ends up not working well. #
  • Feeling a little queezy this morning. I think its the lack of a good night sleep, but that is my body’s own fault so it can’t complain to me #

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