Twitter Updates for 2008-12-08
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  • OH: “the sad thing is I’ll end up with one [MB Air] for the times I go 2 miles and can’t be bothered to risk leaving the MBP in the car” #
  • OH: “But first, an iMac on every desk at [redacted previous employer]! That’s debt I can believe in” (said by friend and founder of the biz) #
  • @iTod would it be pathetic if I said I would by one of those as soon as they came out? #
  • Colleagues at lunch ate something which looked like rotted fish carcasses. I try not to be judgmental about food I’ve not tried, but gross! #
  • @ejacqui I thought the same thing yesterday here, except it was -2 instead of 18. Amazing how much difference even a little wind makes. #
  • My internet connection is currently downloading at a blazing fast speed of 6KB/sec. Thanks [redacted], your company network is flashback ‘96 #
  • @janeylicious Apparently it’s called ????. For those who don’t speak Korean: Looked much worse than the photo there #
  • @janeylicious I didn’t say it was the nastiest. I just passed over it today, which is the first time I have passed on anything this trip. #
  • @janeylicious I saw ??? on TV the week before I left on some “foods of the world” type program. That stuff looked pretty gnarly and sticky. #
  • @janeylicious I think the nastiest looking thing I ate here is ????. The baby squid still had eyeballs even. Tastes better than it sounds. #
  • Found a new amazing photographer to study his technique and see what I can absorb of it and make my own. #
  • @thekarladam I don’t. I would have to move then. #
  • I was first revolted at the site of dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))); but after thinking about it more, it’s not as gnarly as I thought. #
  • Anybody know of a good way to post 1080p HD video online? All of the online video sites are 720p, so guessing I will have to go homebrew #
  • Apparently MotionBox does 1080p as well as allowing embed on your own site. Anybody used them? How is their video quality / performance? #
  • Sample video in 1080p HD on MotionBox. Processing time was very fast (~1m) Apologize for the poor video material #
  • I canz haz 1 hour massage for 18,000 KRW (~$12) at the hotel any time of day? OMGWTFBBQ!? Seriouzly? R U toying withz me? #
  • Hold all my callz, I skipz dinner! #
  • Anybody else find it hard enough to type LOLcat style with an iphone’s autocomplete it’s almost not worth the tiny bit of humor you get. #
  • Part of me wants to go to bed, part of me doesn’t. Wonder which will win. Tomorrow morning will come painfully early if I stay up too long. #
  • This is odd. I didn’t charge my iphone last night and was using it today and yet it’s still 100% charged. Yeah 2100mhz UMTS apparently! #
  • Dont you hate it when you are having amazingly peaceful sleep and are jared awake violently by an annoying alarm clock? Thats me an hour ago #

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