Twitter Updates for 2008-12-07
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  • Slept in today and just woke up. Wasted half the day, but feels great to have gotten good sleep. #
  • Annoyed that Yahoo!’s Year End Party is about to begin in San Mateo and I am here in Korea. :( :( #
  • Collection of photos from trip to Korea Will upload more later, but there are photos from last night up there already #
  • It snowed this morning. Too kewl! #
  • In the office in Korea reviewing bugs on a Sunday afternoon. Joy! #
  • OH: “You are now cleared for takeoff, please use runway 33R”. (computer used for the overheard projector has a very noisy fan) #
  • It’s snowing! #
  • Ooh! Thunder and light snow with no wind and not too cold. Korea is trying to get on my really good side today I see. #
  • It’s sad when I think it’s comfortable and not “too cold” and then I see the thermometer says it’s -2 degrees. #
  • Didn’t realize I shot this waterfall at 12,800 ISO. Extremely impressive on the amount of noise in the photo. #
  • Vegging out in the living room of my hotel watching a movie. The surround sound is pretty awesome! Can feel the subwoofer kicking even. #
  • @davglass me too! If you see any on Flickr, can you ask them to join and add them to the pool. #
  • Yeah, it’s monday morning before 8am and I am on my way to work. Woot! So excited. ;) ;) #

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