Twitter Updates for 2008-12-04
Category: Twitter

  • Amazed at the number of Mac converts Ive directly or indirectly influenced to make the switch. Apple, mail the commission chk to my home, k? #
  • OH: “Been uninstalling everything on my PC … and move the thing into a corner somewhere and forget about it … It’s uglying up the place” #
  • Utterly mesmerized by the television in front of me. It’s an HDTV test video and is boggling my mind w/ the detail. Must.. stop.. drooling.. #
  • Really impressed with Google Translate. It correctly translated a US slang term into Korean and kept full connotation. fugly == ?? ??? #
  • It’s not even Friday yet and I’ve already worked 50+ hrs. Aren’t you supposed to work less on a business trip? Sadly, guess that is less. :( #

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