Twitter Updates for 2008-12-02
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  • Yet another Hack Day I will miss, this time because I am in Korea. It’s ok though, I am working on a hack already of EPIC proportions anyway #
  • Pocari Sweat is an awesome bottled drink. It’s apparently $3-4 a bottle in the US, but <$0.50 here. Wonder how much I can bring back? ;) #
  • @janeylicious I was talking about big bottles of the stuff. It’s super super cheap here in Korea. #
  • After asking what typical senior engineers make at [redacted] in Korea, I think I now have a better grasp on why things are cheaper here. :| #
  • Thinking about going for a night photowalk. Streets here seem very safe so far, but carrying $5k around your neck changes things sometimes. #
  • Anybody own the MacBook Air? If u had the opportunity to get one for <$1000 from Apple, would u suggest jumping on it and getting one? #
  • Not sure I am ready to buy an MBA. If you’re non-Y!, they are $1199 right now on (refurb), Y! peeps get @ $999. Ping me for deets! #
  • @AcmePhoto Seriously? That’s all it takes to be “Pro”? :P I thought it was talent, gear, or a client base, or a mixture of/all of those. #

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