Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30
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  • I’m such an American. I had Kimchi, Dim Sum, Mongolian BBQ Beef, and various other Asian things for breakfast, all topped with BACON! :P #
  • Headed to Yongsan Electronics Market. Good test of my either my willpower or negotiation skills. Maybe both. #
  • Uhoh. Found camera store with a Canon 5D Mark II (not seen it yet, they are getting from the warehouse). #
  • Bahh.. “none left” don’t you mean you never had one? #
  • I’ve learned their trick. All shops say they have it, make you wait while they call all their buddies trying to find one. #
  • After stopping at 33 camera stores (not really, but close enough), I’m now leaving. Better things to do with my time. #
  • One thing is for sure, the US has POS car GPSes compared to Korea. The ones in the taxis here kick major ass. #
  • I’d kill for a pair of hands in Sunnyvale right now. If you have a Y! badge and are willing to go into the office, DM me. Name your price! #
  • Don’t you hate it when you miss a call when you’re expecting one and the phone number comes up as an invalid ANI, thus no way to callback :( #
  • Always amazes me how well you can tell what someone is saying, even if you don’t know the language, if you know the context. #
  • Almost recovered from the shell shock of the difference between last night’s hotel and tonight’s. Almost. Crazily, they are about same price #
  • Workout + breakfast AND be at work before 8am means I was up before 5:30 this morning. [redacted] is trying to kill this poor geek. #

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