Twitter Updates for 2008-11-28
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  • Uh oh… Seems the going rate for the Canon 5D Mk II in Korea is around 3.35-3.5 million Won. That’s roughly $300 cheaper than the US. :| #
  • 1st time in my life I’ve eaten at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Would have cooked like past yrs but leaving for KR tmrw so leftovers = bad #
  • What better way to spend a Thanksgiving evening where you’re having to get stuff done at the office than to do so jamming to @DaveJMatthews? #
  • @ElizabethN Glad I could pass on the knowledge! From every indication (@ev claims it too) it’s really @DaveJMatthews and not an Agent/PR guy #
  • Finally done with the crap I needed to do at the office. Fixing to grab swag from storage then heading home to finish packing. #
  • Man I hate holidays. Been to three grocery stores (one a 24hr “super” store) and all are closed. Bahh! #
  • The more I use the new Facebook, the more it makes me want to hurl. Seriously! Very few webpage designs have that strong an effect on me. #
  • @ninavizz It’s Apple’s second year on the Black Friday bandwagon. EPP discounts make it even more attractive on limited items. #
  • 24″ iMacs are going for nearly 15% off retail w/ EPP + Black Friday deals. If they pushed it over 20% I might buy, but willpower wins today #
  • More tempting is new 13″ MacBook going for nearly 15% off (EPP+BF), but thankfully AAPL made that super easy to say no to (lack of firewire) #
  • Prediction: Black Friday will be a flop. It won’t be becuase of decreased “consumer confidence” either, it’s because all the sales are FAIL! #
  • Good news: fit everything into one medium sized check bag. Bad news: TSA will need two bags that size to repack it. Insane tight packing FTW #
  • Me: “kewl word! If I’m ever in that part of the world I’ll say that to everyone. Wonder how long I’ll live.” OH: “I don’t give you a day” :$ #
  • Sitting in the Red Carpet lounge sipping on a decent bloody mary. To bad I had to tell him how to make it just so it would be decent. #
  • – “Using Clinton’s people for your team is fine, but if I ever see Monica Lewinsky in the White House your toast” #
  • @chartier I had one of those this morning. Was pretty tasty for being a starbucks coffee. #
  • Amazon, your such a tease… Send me an SMS saying Wiis are in stock and I check less than 30 seconds later and you are out of stock. Lame. #
  • @Arlo Look under the desk over on the end. There is a dead fish duck taped up to the bottom of the desk. Don’t ask me how I know. #
  • Wal-Mart? Seriously? You’re kidding right? Wal-Mart? No Seriously, don’t pull my leg, your joking right? #
  • I’ll reserve any comments on the “typical” Wal-Mart customer as they might not be considered politically correct. #
  • @chartier I agree. I also like their breakfast sandwiches thus why I went there this morning on my way to the bank / airport. #
  • I pulled a nice joke on the bank teller this morning. Walked up and said I’d like to make a withdrawal, she said how much, I said 275,000. #
  • She did a double take, then when I said in cash she started stammering. I let her stew for a minute before saying I wanted Korean Won. :P #
  • @mantia I left one of my machines running Tiger “just in case”. All the others are running Leopard now. Why? #
  • @Arlo At least I came clean on my digressions. You have to give me credit for that despite my being a thorn in your side the past 2 months. #
  • Bahhh… I hate the fact I can’t DM people who don’t follow me. @mantia and @Arlo you both are the culprits of my aggravation today. #
  • Ok, enough fun on the intartubes. Time to start heading to my gate in preparation for boarding. Cya all tomorrow when I land. #
  • Duty free in SFO == EPIC FAIL! The biggest bottle of crown they have is 1L. If that’s all I wanted, I’d go to BevMo AND get a cheaper price! #
  • First class upgrade, check. Mimosa, check. Time to recline, relax, and wait for takeoff. #
  • United tip: when your company books you in Z class Business, it’s still possible to upgrade to 1st. Just takes persistance & bit of S.E. #
  • Wondering if my SPOT will get a GPS lock in flight AND be able to transmit. Long flight, so testing my luck my sticking it in the window. #
  • Wow, just found out our route will take us across Siberia. Interesting! #
  • United Airlines First Class International to Asia could learn a thing or two from Etihad Airlines to the UAE. Pretty abismal in comparison. #

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