Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26
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  • Just booked a flight to Asia leaving Friday for ten days. I think this will be the furthest off the TZ where I live I’ve ever been (PST +17) #
  • I just placed the largest currency order I’ve ever done (in sum, not value) w/ BoA. Scary to think 275,000 of a currency is “pocket change” #
  • @janeylicious Yep, the exchange rate rate now is 1487 for Won and I bought at just shy of 1,400. Wish it was ~1,000, would make math easier. #
  • Note to self, just because u know how to do something, and are capable of doing it well, doesn’t mean u should do it. Pay people who do it! #
  • I’ve worked in startups too long prior to joining Yahoo!. I don’t wait on other people to do their job, if I know how I just do it for them. #
  • There’s been 1024 bytes in a KB for what, 30-40 years now or more? Didn’t hard drive manufacturers get the memo? Seriously? #
  • Apparently Korean Won is an “exotic” currency according to Bank of America’s Foreign Currency department. Hmm… :-? #

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