Twitter Updates for 2008-11-24
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  • I just tried to put my arms in the position you do when in free fall. YOOWZERS!!!! :( #
  • So if I am a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Weeds, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, etc what would be a good show to add to that list? #
  • @janeylicious Bahh! I bought Private Practice S1HD per your advice and now it will be 5-6hrs before it’s downloaded. Tempted to go to office #
  • @janeylicious Will be something for tommorow night. I always did like Addison for some reason especially later on & hated when she got cut. #
  • I wish I knew what it was of the several things I ate yesterday which is making me feel so miserable today. #

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