Twitter Updates for 2008-11-23
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  • Short video clip on Flickr of one of my “flights” from earlier today: Apologize for the crappy bg music, not my doing. #
  • Went two months with the same Facebook photo apparently. Decided to update it to one of the ones from my flights today. #
  • @thekarladam You get pulled over in a Hyundai going to the store. What makes you think you would make it even 10ft without LAPD chasing you. #
  • @thekarladam And that’s assuming the car wasn’t reported stolen when you drove off and they just let you take it for a spin. #
  • Jeebus it takes forever for Drobo to rebuild the raid array after removing a 1.5TB Seagate and putting in a 1TB drive. FYI, the 1.5TBs suck! #
  • @basictheory Cars put out 12.5-14 volts, airline does 15-16. Technically, it works somewhat, but it could damage the charger/laptop. #
  • Getting dinner then back to East Bay for some more flight time. My reservation is for 9:30, if anyone else wants to go, ping me before 8:30. #
  • Would hate to see the electric bill for this place. They are averaging 200KW/hr all day. Not “that” high, but still not cheap. #
  • My arms are like Jello, but man am I on a hell of an adrenaline rush. Indoor skydiving is like crack, only more expensive and good everytime #
  • @chaboya Over in Union City about 16 miles north east of the Sunnyvale Campus. #
  • Couple more photos from my flights skydiving today: If you have never done it, highly recommend. Good for all ages! #
  • Every muscle in my upper body is violantly reminding me of what I did yesterday. Maybe floating in 130mph winds for 30m in 1d was too much. #
  • That said, it is the “good” kind of pain. Dull soreness at high intensity lvl not any sharp acute pain (aka no injury, just extreme workout) #
  • @basictheory I saw 1.99 in south bay last week, almost passed out and swerved off the road. It’s down close to $1.50 in the Midwest. #

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