Twitter Updates for 2008-11-21
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  • Turned in my application for what will be the biggest photo opportunity of my life today. Now we wait a month to see if I get approved. #
  • Thought I was coming up close to my vacay accrual cap again so I looked online. Apparently my cap isn’t 4 weeks, it’s 7 weeks. Big surprise! #
  • Funny how I took almost 3 weeks off this year and I still have 3.5 weeks left of vacay. I apparently worked too much my first couple years. #
  • Who am I kidding though, I still work too much. I just took a decent vacation this summer for a change. #
  • Woke up, sent long email about why half my bugs found last night by QA are invalid, to my boss before he gets into work, now back to bed. #
  • Don’t u hate it when u think of a funny way to word a tweet and by the time a tweet app on iphone decides to let you type it in you forget? #
  • I think Tweet apps on the iPhone are conspiring against me. Twinkle, unstable. Tweetsville, used to rock, now really slow. Tweetie, save me! #
  • Not only was I up before 7am, I’m now cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes. /me checks his forehead. Nope, no fever. Hmmmm… Wonder what then? #
  • – Bacon!! Yum!! #
  • What better way to start off the day? #
  • @thekarladam Did you not notice I sent that tweet from tweetie? #

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