Twitter Updates for 2008-11-18
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  • Couple photos (essentially unedited) from the annual Pigeon Point Lighthouse lighting this past weekend: #
  • @thekarladam Please note, I didn’t defend autotools. I parallel your sentiments there. I’m just saying Makefiles “work just fine” #
  • Wow. I am so physically exhausted yet euphoric at the same time. Went way deep in my yoga poses today + did every chaturanga the “right” way #
  • Experiencing an odd sensation while walking. Every step of my right leg I feel as if I’m slightly falling to the right as if it’s shorter. #
  • @jeffbarr does CloudFront have any per distribution minimum TTL on cache life? Otherwise more popular sites will consume all space on edges. #
  • Amazon delivered my 3 disc Blu-Ray copy of Wall-E! I’m so pumped, now to go fetch a PS3 from downstairs to have on the TV while I work. #
  • Wall-E!!!!! #

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