Twitter Updates for 2008-11-17
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  • Annoyed with myself. I had made a commitment to not watch Grey’s Season 5 until it was over and now that I broke that I’m jonesing for more #
  • @thekarladam Your concept is flawed. The Stereo 8 had technical issues which lead to it’s demise, like lack of rewind ability. #
  • So annoying when you don’t proofread tweets before sending. This time just not worth retweeting to fix where I used the wrong word. Bahh.. #
  • I’ve watched 86 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in the past 3 weeks. Something tells me that isn’t probably something to be proud of, but oh well #
  • Amazing how different my neighbors are. Ones above are noisy and rude. Next door is a great family. He works for ‘Hoo, too, so no surprise. #
  • Trying to decide if I want to do laser corrective surgery in 2009. I have until 5pm to decide if this coming year will be the year I do it. #

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