Twitter Updates for 2008-11-15
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  • Styling it Yahoo! way big time now. Got my Yahoo! shoes on and totally digging how they look. Photos to be posted later on Flickr. #
  • I’m scared of myself right now. I’m so ecstatic about having the new firmware on my work TV, I should be committed to an insane asylum. #
  • I have an urge to build a wine cellar and fill it up w/ Momokawa Pearl bottles. Anyone disagree it’s hands down the best Sake outside Japan? #
  • I’m a person who “needs” alarm clocks, so explain to me why I’ve woke up wide awake literally seconds before the alarm several days in a row #
  • @MsChelle I’d totally agree with that if it wasn’t for the fact the alarm was set for a different time each day, varying by over 3 hours. #
  • Laying in bed pondering why some timezones are offset by 30min and more oddly, 15 min in some cases. Wonder how long I can avoid Wikipedia? #
  • I can now say I know more about timezones than any sane human being should know. Did you know there is a place that’s timezone is UTC+14?? #
  • As of right this moment, it’s currently either Nov. 14th, 15th, or 16th depending on where on Earth you are. Crazy that its 3 possibilities. #
  • Ooops! Did my math wrong. At 2am pacific standard time (not 1pm) there are three calendar dates depending on where you are in the world. #
  • I’ve a scene I want to shoot @ around F/2 @ ISO400 which will cause me to use a 20-30s exp. Anybody got tips on foreground lighting that? #
  • Waiting on memory cards to download then heading to the coast. Weather looks like it will be beautiful for the event tonight. #
  • @mantia It’s not pretty, but this does essentially the same thing as what you want: You should design a nice UI for it. #
  • There is such an incredible speed difference between my Sandisk Extreme III and my Extreme IV cards. Worth every penny! #

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