Twitter Updates for 2008-11-12
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  • Call me weird if you like, but Chinese food tastes different to me when eaten with a fork instead of Chopstix. I _hate_ it. #
  • OMG! The world is coming to an end. Hell has frozen over. We are all going to die!! ( I have less than ten open bugs assigned to me :P ) #
  • Snickering at AMZN. They just Fedex priority overnighted something from PA weighing 41 lbs to me for free (shipping delay, so $3.99 waived) #
  • God I love Amazon. Where else can you get 1,000ft of Quad Shielded 3ghz rated RG6 coax for just over $100 w/ free overnight shipping? #
  • @jeffbarr That’s classic! I should make a Mastercard commercial spoof of all the ways Amazon has made me happy this year. #
  • Twitterverse: Is Seagate really the only one who is shipping 1.5TB SATA drives? I can’t seem to find anyone selling one. #

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