Twitter Updates for 2008-11-06
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  • News Flash! OMG, people die every second! I would venture a guess that at least one per hour is probably at the age of 66 too! #
  • Ended up not going home and pushing through. Still feel like crap, but what can you do? #
  • Apparently I am on some kind of karma grey list. That’s 3x in the past month or so I’ve been pulled over. Grey because each time no ticket. #
  • This time police office was much nicer than last time, I didn’t even have to defend myself. Just made me wait on a 10-29 to come back. #
  • I think its all @thekarladam’s fault. I haven’t been pulled over in years until I started picking on him for getting pulled over so much. #
  • @boucher What’s the app? Definitely willing to help beta test. #
  • Whoever brings an innovation to the washing machine / dryer like the microwave was to the oven will become one of my personal heroes. #
  • If I’m going to be forced to pay full retail price for food, the quality must be on par. Guess I will be going off campus for lunch now. #
  • Small salad, slice of chicken breast to go on top, plus a cup of potato salad costs what? If you say less than $12 you would be wrong now. #
  • @PkmnTrainerj You brits don’t count. You charge American prices in British currency w/o offsetting for currency value. Hamburger = $3 & £3 #

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