Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05
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  • I am going to laugh my ass off if Obama wins the Electoral College and looses the popular vote. Man wouldn’t that be funny! #
  • I’ve got four different channels in HD directly in front of me. Talk about “full coverage”. Just wish I could pull in CNN too. #
  • It’s amazing how much CPU power it takes to decode multiple 1080i HD signals simultaneously. For 2 streams it’s eating 150% on 2.6ghz Xeons #
  • Would somebody just call the bible belt to McCain already? It’s not like there is any chance in hell Obama will win them states. #
  • Baffled by the # of people per second still doing searches for their polling place on Incredible with the polls closing so soon #
  • Thought of another comical poll scenario (far fetched). It all came down to Alaska and then have AK go Democrat. Wouldn’t that be so funny? #
  • Me: “Looks like Michigan is going to become a medical marijuana state” … Coworker: “There goes the quality of American cars even further” #
  • MSNBC just called Obama the winner. #
  • What’s with the ‘Red October’ theme music on MSNBC before and after the McCain concession speech? Some hidden meaning behind it? #
  • Whats up with the ultra poor quality video feeds from Indonesia and Kenya on MSNBC? We seriously that bandwidth starved we can’t do better? #
  • @dunstan would have been a damn iconic #, but I think it will likely be close to 350ish when all is said and done. Pretty much landslide win #
  • @mantia he’s not the President for another 77 days. #
  • Taking the uncompressed 1080i stream from the Obama acceptance speech and converting to HDV 1080i to import into Final Cut Pro. #
  • Happy to share a copy with anyone who wants it, but not sure how I would get it to you easily as it’s over 20gb compressed. #
  • Frustrated looking at the poll results in CA for the props and measures. WTF Santa Clara peeps? Your passing B, C & D? Srsly? Do u read? WTF #
  • @iTod Neither company could keep their own servers up just for the national election results, you want them act better for a single state? #
  • @basictheory So wish I could use my desktop while it was compressing. Damn encoder is eating up virtually all four cores and now so sluggish #
  • @ijustine Just about finished encoding to HDV 1080i. Next pass is encoding to something I can upload to Youtube or equivalent. #
  • Apple Intermediate Codec might be useful to some, but for some reason it looks like crap in this case. Trying a different encoding format #
  • Great capture from Obama’s acceptance speech: #
  • @a Gotta love that taxation without representation eh? #
  • Probably annoyed many but locked down two great short URLs to the photo I posted on Flickr #
  • Wish I lived in the city right about now. I would so be around 19th and Valencia right about now. Oh well, tis is life. Great night anyway. #
  • Obama is only 5k votes away in Missouri (with 99% precincts reporting) from winning the overall with final tally of 373/163. Very possible! #
  • Where I’m from, a 373 vs 163 win would be called a good ole fashion ass whooping. Of course where I’m from wouldn’t elect a Dem either tho. #
  • @lhl u sure? The only counties not 100% are Catron, Chaves, Colfax, Dona Ana, Luna, and Otero and there isn’t enough people left to flip it #
  • @basictheory my “home” county went 56% / 42% in favor of McCain, but that’s not surprising since I came from a bible belt state. #
  • Out of all the counties I have lived in in my life, seems they are pretty well split almost dead on 50/50 between McCain and Obama. #
  • Surprised how similar the 1992 and the 2008 elections ended up. #
  • Ask me how I feel about the management of my condo complex. I double dare you! Such an awesome way to start off a day. #
  • We can elect an African American, we can protect farm animals, we can even uphold teenage girl’s rights, but not gays? #
  • Frankly it doesn’t affect me personally, but it just seems so ass backwards we can be so liberal on everything else but not marriage rights #
  • Today is really shaping up to be one I should have called in sick and just stayed in bed. #
  • I have so gotta take away my Amazon one click access w/ regards to Kindle books. So easy to bury myself in hundreds of thousands of “pages”. #
  • @vlb Atomic clocks don’t reset for DST automatically. The FM signal indicates GMT, it has no concept of timezones / DST / other crap. #
  • Wish my boss would get back to his desk. If he doesn’t soon I am just going to send an email saying I am going home. Really not feeling well #
  • Why are so many people searching for their poll location today? People do realize the election was yesterday, right? right? #

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