Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04
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  • Don’t know where your polling location is? Well get busy and visit where you find it by simply entering in your address! #
  • Just set the fastest time ever getting from the office to my house. Only had half a red light all the way here (like 20+ greens) #
  • Making my final voting selections in preparation for voting tomorrow. President was easy, prop 8 is no brainer, others require some thought. #
  • @janeylicious yep, no on both. Neither sane, especially 8. I do think baby’s father should have a say re 4, but it’s impossible to enforce. #
  • @natekoechley you’re yes on measures B & D? Seriously? You have much more faith in the VTA than I do apparently. #
  • @janeylicious exactly why I am opposed to #4. All it will do is force young girls to do something dumb like “back alley” abortions, IMHO. #
  • @natekoechley yep, forgot letters match county and you live up north. B and D are VTA measures in Santa Clara county, both a hell no from me #
  • I’m torn both ways on prop 7 and 10. Anybody want to try and sway my vote either way? Message me before 10am and you got a shot. #
  • I have no real opinion on Prop 6 or 11, so if you feel strongly about them speak up and you might get another vote for your cause. #
  • One final plug for before I head to bed. Nobody has an excuse that they don’t know where their poll is. Please retweet! #
  • Hope I don’t become a broken record today, but if you don’t know where your polling location is, visit Pass the word! #
  • Registered to vote but not voted yet? Not sure where to go? Well get busy and visit and find out now! It’s not to late. #
  • Just noticed something interesting, not since 1936 has my birth state voted anything other than Republican. #
  • Site traffic has dipped down to a low of around 300req/second so taking the opportunity to shower and go vote. Have you all voted yet? #
  • If I was an engineer working on a team with as bad of an interaction design team as the polling machine makers have Id kill myself (or quit) #
  • I see how it is, I walk away for a half hour and traffic jumps 20%. You guys are gonna have to try much harder than that to bring her down! #
  • Since I got a couple asking, obviously that isn’t Yahoo! traffic levels. That’s traffic levels. #

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