Twitter Updates for 2008-11-02
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  • Man I love leveraging the “tools” available to me here at Y!. Just put real-time (1s delay) stats tracking on a site relatively painlessly. #
  • It’s sad, only time I work a “normal” day (hours wise) is on the weekend. Got here at 9am and leaving just before 6pm. Was a fun day though! #
  • OMG! I canz haz gas for under $3? Uz fer realz? You won’t chase me with lights and sirens when I leave? #
  • Prediction: Whoever gets elected in 3 days, our president will be a better one in 76 days. Bush set the bar too low for that not to be true. #
  • @chartier I just got 13.2 gallons for $39.33 in California, so I’m elated. It’s still not like back in ‘99 when I got it for .67/gallon. #
  • Putting finishing touched on dinner (pesto linguini w/ hot italian sausage and anti-pasta salad), then time for a night of iTunes watching. #
  • Debating between catching up on Greys Anatomy Season 5 or Heroes Season 3. Maybe do both I guess, night is young. #
  • Oh so yummy! Time to put down Twitter and NOM! NOM! NOM!×5as #
  • @janeylicious Decided to instead start at the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy and watch em all in order. Almost through S1 last night. #
  • Just dawned on me why purple always shows so much noise compared to any other color in a digital photograph at high ISO. I feel stupid now. #
  • Found a great photography site. Most if it I already knew, but I definitely learned a few things (like about Airy disks) #
  • @tarasis That’s annoying, especially since I just bought two 1.5tb Seagate drives. Wonder what the issue is really? (lack of info provided) #
  • Got an idea for an amazing video. Now all I need is about 30-50 people with SLR cameras to make it happen. Maybe next weekend will work. #
  • Anybody want to take part in some high-speed photography fun next weekend @ Yahoo! SNV? All you need is a SLR camera (any brand). Ping me! #

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