Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30
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  • Finally completed my day of battling bugs and now to go home and battle the sewing machine in making my halloween costume. Joy! :( #
  • Let’s hope I have equal or better success with the sewing machine as I did with my bugs today otherwise my costume will be frightening. #
  • 1 kickass idea, ~$33 in supplies, a coat rack, a sewing machine, 2 packs of Red Bull, ~2 hrs of time, and now my Halloween costume rules! #
  • Mental note, IV hoses are virtually impossible to bleed off all the air bubbles when filling with a carbonated beverage like Red Bull. #
  • My opinion of several friends’ judgement has gone down a notch tonight. Backslash character as namespace delimiter? It’s April 1st, right? #
  • I’m exhausted now.. I think I need a Red Bull… #
  • @janeylicious I personally preferred either ::: or :: as it’s easy to understand and know what it means and looks less jarring. #
  • Here’s my Halloween costume this year. “Overworked Yahoo! engineer in Red Bull Rehab” … #

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