Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29
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  • OH: “I wouldn’t have even made it on the short bus. The damn thing would have run me over when I tried to get on.” #
  • USPS needs to lay off the damn crack pipe. There are 61 different ZIP+9’s for this one physical street address in New York (varies by Apt #) #
  • Enjoying the fun job of loading 1.6GB of Lat/Lon<->Zip+9 data into Mysql due to USPS being brain dead about zipcode allocation. #
  • I love it when a few tweaks to the schema + small change to the SQL query and you make a query >200,000x faster than it was before. :) #
  • Nothing better to remind you that you put in a really late night working than to get home and as you walk in, your alarm clock goes off. #
  • Insanely annoyed that iPhone safari crashes 1/3 times I try to respond to a bug in bugzilla. Don’t care who’s fault it is, EPIC FAILS 4 all! #
  • @rtmfd Further proof that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Eclipse is by far and away the best IDE I’ve found for my needs. #

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