Twitter Updates for 2008-10-26
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  • Useless bit of random trivia. It’s slightly more likely for the 13th of the month to be on a Friday than any other day of the week. #
  • Lately been finding interesting bits of knowledge by playing with older programming languages. Today’s language of discovery is HAL/S. #
  • I think programmers should at least read about, if not actually learn, the semantics and designs of other languages they don’t use regularly #
  • @reid Nope, just been reading the spec. I’ve had a very limited brush with PL/I & XPL so thought it would be interesting to look at. #
  • My goal is to someday be able to know something interesting / useful about every language listed on this page: #
  • @wisequark I wonder if something broke on Twitter Grader. I am suddenly at a 99.7 where I was in the mid-80’s for the longest time now. #
  • Just noticed a package of mine went from Nevada yesterday, to Oakland overnight, to Kentucky this morning? KY is between Oakland and SNV!? #

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