Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22
Category: Twitter

  • Somebody needs to teach lawyers that it makes absolutely no sense to give something away to the world, but not allow yourself to use it. #
  • @jzawodn Don’t you mean 16bit world? 8bit world would only allow 256 rows… :P #
  • It’s gotta suck to be someone with a lot of followers and make a simple math error (like @jzawodn did). Everyone and their dog corrects you. #
  • /me is whimpering like a small child… why @slicehost? why why why must you ruin such an awesome service by selling out to them. #
  • Gonna try to stay optimistic about the @slicehost and Rackspace merger, but I seriously have my concerns. Time will tell how it goes. #
  • Eating something different today for lunch. Sweet potato and black bean burger on a wheat roll with vegan aoli. Should be interesting. #
  • My ears are bleeding! God I hate listening to people talk about technical topics to an audience w/ many non-technical people. So painful. #

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