Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19
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  • Chasing down a handful of Advils taken to help kill a caffeine headache w/ a Red Bull seems mighty counter intuitive. #
  • @ramsey I feel ya. Boss said on Fri: “Um, I’m gonna need you go ahead and come in tomorrow. I’m gonna also need you to come in Sunday too.” #
  • Eclipse crashed. Tried restarting and locked up every startup. Spent 20m debugging and turns out Perforce server is down. You shitting me? #
  • OH: ‘ok data grid, now show us on the doll where the bad man touched you’ … ‘oh god, on the pager? sick animal!’ #
  • OH: ‘not just the pager? u mean he also reached inside ur body and wripped out ur child nodes? and ur children’s child nodes? the horror!’ #
  • Latenight IMs between geeks over code they’re working on can get really weird if I do say so myself. If u need proof, see previous 2 tweets #
  • Rapidly approaching the 24hr mark in office. Cold is 100% full on kicking my ass. I look, feel, and sound like death warmed over. #
  • Several of my coworkers fully agreed (just a few mins ago) with that look and sound like death warmed over bit. Not sure that’s a good thing #
  • It’s depressing coding a kickass feature in a product and having only like 3-4 people in the world understand how truly hard it was to do. #

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