Twitter Updates for 2008-10-18
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  • Engineers who write code which can get stuck in an endless loop dumping log messages to the console non-stop should be beaten w/ a spoon. #
  • Need to figure out how to take my brain out of my head, put into a glass jar, & hook it up to a computer somehow. Body’s just an annoyance. #
  • What’s a reasonable amount of time to be expected to stand at a checkout counter at 7/11 with no employees anywhere to be seen in the place? #
  • Put heavy curtains over the windows, turned off alarms & ringers, disconnecting door bell, and headed to sleep for as long as my body feels. #
  • Watch me be awake again at 7am, my body doing a screw you, we don’t want your pity, sort of way. At least then can say I tried to catch up. #
  • My body rewards me getting a ton of sleep with a severe headache, virtually no voice, and a cough which makes me think my lungs are missing. #
  • Just went through a painful experience. Tried to talk to my gma/gpa on phone, but lack of voice + their noisy bg made it hard on my throat #
  • Every time I open it up I am further reminded how awesome Tweetsville is. Wish it had a replies tab but search returns so fast barely a need #
  • I feel more dumb now. There is a @ replies tab, it’s under more. Guess I need to go there more often, but search is blindly fast though too. #
  • @ashleyelbra I’m over 31k SMSs now. Averaging about 7,500 tweet text messages a week right now from ~225 people. Hoping to hit 100k by EOY. #
  • My head is spinning crazily from cold meds, but without said drugs I wouldn’t have made it out of bed. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. #
  • @PkmnTrainerJ No good reason really. One of those things where you hit a thousand, and then go for 10k, 10k passed you try for 100k, etc. #

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