Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15
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  • I would be in heaven if somebody would teach these Web2.0 pukes that page refreshes are not teh evil. Needless AJAX shit on the other hand.. #
  • Best example: An intranet expense report system. Why the hell does it need to not reload pages and instead timeout and loose your data? #
  • This week is going pretty well, despite all the constant interruptions, been pretty dang productive. Hoping the rest of the week holds true. #
  • Was annoyed the other day because iTunes said I had already bought something and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Just found it on iPhone! YEAH! #
  • iTunes would be much better if it would let you re-download songs you paid for already. How does Jobs thinks that experience isn’t horrible? #
  • @rckenned True but AMZN doesn’t have an all-inclusive app which manages your whole music experience. Does Jobs not think people have 2 Macs? #
  • @reid I really want a Drobo 2.0. The original is a bit noisy for my tastes and also I abhor (yes, that strong hate) using USB for storage. #
  • I gotta say, Tweetsville is hands down the most kickass iPhone client on the iPhone. Not “pretty” but very clean and ultra functional. #
  • First swollen lymph nodes and runny nose today, now my whole body aches all over and my head is groggy. Sadly, I know tomorrow will be worse #
  • Really disappointed in my immune system. Proving to be such a light weight this year unlike all others since moving to California. FAIL! #
  • Not feeling as bad as I feared last night. Maybe my immune system is up to the challenge of fighting this off, just is taking a while. #
  • @josevazquez You’ll waste a ton of space on FAT32’s blocksize. Why does the drive need to be x-platform? Use SMB to share w/ the Win boxes #
  • @mdhughes No need now, I found the track. Just searched iTunes libraries on 5 different Macs and then it ended up on my 1st Gen iPhone. #
  • Perforce oh how I love thee! Of course I should always have to wait for server response just to edit a file. Beach balls rule! I <3 waiting! #

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