Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14
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  • @janeylicious == EVIL woman… why must you tease a storage whore with prices like that. M.U.S.T. H.I.D.E. C.R.E.D.I.T. C.A.R.D. N.O.W! #
  • For less than $1250, one can get a new Firewire 800 Drobo w/ 6TB of Seagate yumminess… this can’t be a good thing for my credit card. :( #
  • @theakarladam Lazy much? Quick search finds it instantly: #
  • @spullara you really are just trying to make me jealous now aren’t you? #
  • /me places an order for a and a, then flubs his nose at @janeylicious, @thekarladam and @spullara (j/k) #
  • I’d promised myself I would be out of here before 11:30pm tonight. I blame having to do a production push for keeping me here past curfew :( #
  • Come home and all my clocks are flashing. Tempted to buy a 5000kvA battery backup again. Wish it was somehow cost justified like before. #
  • @reid so if it’s not your CC, what is stopping you from buying a Drobo? #
  • @fieryrobot if I build (and host if needed) you a backend, will you allow users the option of seeing nearby tweets in Tweetsville? #
  • 16 hours of Yahoo! related work is enough for today. Gonna spend some well deserved & long overdue quality time with my Kindle before bed. #
  • Woke up to swollen lymph nodes. Lovely! Just what I don’t need is to get sick. #
  • Why does stuff like Airborne always have to taste so bad? Would a little flavoring or artificial sweetener really kill the health benefits? #
  • So weird.. I was just in the eppstore viewing pricing options on the new macs and now the store is down with yellow posty… Updating twice? #
  • @soldierant I’ve seen proven (my body at least) effects from high doses of VitC and Airborne tastes better than Emergen-C does. #
  • @rckenned If it had 500-2000mg of Vitamin C and tasted good, I would probably take it at least once to see if I got the intended effect #
  • Gotta appreciate people with a sense of humor in their function naming… system.HeavyDutySuperResetButtonDoNotTouch(); …. /me rolls eyes #
  • I think I have a few extra spots, so if you would like to see tomorrow’s final presidential debate @ the Kabuki theater in SF let me know. #
  • /me is thinking one of the new MacBooks + a new 24″ LED display would make for an ideal setup for my personal needs. Not worth $2500 atm tho #
  • I dunno why, but I always get nervous when I get LinkedIn connection requests from colleagues at Yahoo!. Makes me wonder if they are leaving #

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