Twitter Updates for 2008-10-13
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  • @hagus For “outside bank” transfers to another person, you must setup in a bank location, but can do from then on via online banking. #
  • Outside of a potluck dinner w/ friends on Saturday, pretty much didn’t leave my bed all weekend except to do some light cleaning tonight #
  • Part of me feels like it was a total waste of a weekend, but I also realize I need the rest if I am gonna do an 80+ hr week again next week. #
  • Woke up before alarm clock went off today. Does that mean I got out of bed when it went off instead of hitting snooze several times? No. :( #
  • @deebadgurl I did the same thing and also am groggy this morning. Maybe humans should hibernate through the winter like you said. #
  • I think @thekarladam is stalking me. I sign off for three minutes to install security updates and I get an SMS asking if I’m dead. #

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