Twitter Updates for 2008-10-12
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  • OH: “my favorite wii game is price is right” OH2: “girl, you are so white” #
  • Over ate at Eden team reunion party. Utterly exhausted for some reason, so think I am sadly going to skip Santana concert tonight. :( #
  • I’ve told MobileMe sync to “replace data on local machine” like 20 times in the past week. Is it ever going to fucking stop asking me? #
  • @lhnatko I totally agree.. I easily type faster on my iPhone now than I ever did with a T9 based phone. The tiny keys on WinMo kill it too. #
  • @brianaker I had a PHP extension corrupting memory on a server which caused false to not be defined, so false was not equal to false then. #
  • Debating on if I want to play with @FieryRobot’s Tweetville tonight. Screenshots look good, just so devoid of energy or motivation. #
  • Now have over 275 movies and TV show seasons queued up on my Roku. Netflix is finally making the $100 purchase worth while after many months #
  • @thekarladam Yup. I doubt anyone would object if you signed up on the eden-people group since you’re the honorary bouncing bunny after all #
  • @Hagus yes they do! That’s how I pay my rent every month. All you need is the other person’s account num and zipcode #

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