Twitter Updates for 2008-10-11
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  • I love the fact even over crappy 802.11G network I still download movies significantly faster at the office. ~5m a movie or less on average #
  • @rckenned Something tells me there is nobody else within 5ft of ya, right? #
  • I have about 30 mins left before I turn into a pumpkin (aka 80hrs worked since Mon). Anything else I really need to do before leaving? Hmm.. #
  • My body has threatened seppuku against my brain if it even thinks about drinking another Red Bull. Wonder which will win the feudal battle? #
  • Wow… thought I was almost out of Vodka… that was far from the truth. I’ve got over a gallon it seems. Time to put a little to good use! #
  • Secret truth about me (not secret now), I really like the movie “What Happens in Vegas”. I think because I can see myself in both main stars #
  • Well, not both main “stars”, but rather both main characters in the movie. Definitely have many characteristics of both of them. Oh well. #
  • Beautiful day outside so I hear. Wouldn’t know because I’m paralyzed in my bed. Friends having BBQ at 4pm, hope I can be moving by then. #
  • I dunno why I bother looking at the stock market. It’s gonna be the same depressing news for a long time. Dow down nearly 6k from 52wk high! #
  • Starting the day off really healthy. Power slamming a can of caffeine while munching on some baklava. Seriously need to reverse this trend. #
  • Fixed an old school 40gb 4G iPod whose drive was making clunking noises by throwing it onto the carpet. Unusual fixes seen on the web FTW! #
  • Been groving to Bag of Toys’ CD named Nooner today. The “feel” of their music seems to work well with my mood today for some reason. #
  • Headed to BBQ with a bunch of old friends, many I’ve not seen in over 6 months. Nervous for some reason which is very uncharacteristic of me #

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